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pollen grains, fungal spores, bacteria, mycelium, cysts, algal filaments and spores, lichens, insects and their parts, plants and animal tissues and several other microorganisms
such biomatter
2017, Ø 21 x 90cm

none are truly separate




After the very first simple thought it gets weird, too difficult, paradoxical, dirty and dark, iridescent, complicated, interconnected and messy – like a mesh. The same message that comes through other media, I feel it in my body: medical signs. I’m glad we have The Nature Relatedness Scale instrument ;)

I (and many other humans, and why not some of their pet dogs as well) MUST CONSUME LESS.

Microorganisms, or microbes, are Very Small living organisms visible to us only with the aid of a microscope. They include viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi, plants (such as algae), and protozoa, among others. Plants, animals, microbes, fungi, …....., and my skin are sensing and sharing. I Never Knew my Self. My Eyes have seen things that they Can’t See. I can only admire myself from afar, while already implicated within. 

Protect me from what I want! What is it that the Earth wants (from us, Homo Sapiens)? The closer we get to it, the closer we look and the more we know — – - ★彡・・・・・☆`*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;*Stress and mindfulness – Microbes and empathy interwined > it can make me better on emotional empathy. We – the city Hooded Crow, my neighbor Pine and I – experience the same stress, same diagnostic.

This is Me (the biophilist / multi-species ecological unit) working in a state of complete merging of the Self with all Life using materials like acrylic glue that is harmful to both Self and Others. Art that is allowed to use rare and dysbiotic materials?

The wider range of the materials included - the studio accessory, heating, my lifestyle, the way the glue is used and brushes washed. I travel and my art travels. If I can’t give up using acrylic glue in my art, could I still (yeah, right!) give up the use of other plastics/petrochemicals in other parts of my life? Is it possible to take some distance from my entanglement in fossil fuels?

From the level of the microscopic microbial ecosystems that reside within us (and make us), to the myriad macro-scale environmental ecosystems within which we reside and depend on (and make) – we’re interdependent/-existent: there’s no “surrounding medium”.

To reject the privileging of human existence over nonhuman existence. Is this “fashionable”? If it is – it’s kinda cool. Essential fashion on Most Important Matters. Please gimme more ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ ♥


Trillions become one and this one is acting towards it

trillions become one

2017, 285 x 90 x 9 cm

Progressive loss of biodiversity


Toxoplasma gondii

2017, 107 x 75 x 7 cm

primary sensory interface with the external world 

2017, 285 x 213 cm & 28 cm x 35 cm


2017, 37 x 37 cm

in a good mood

2017, 184 x 130 cm

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